If you have ever attended one of our takeover events you know we provide you with the ultimate erotic setting. Our events showcase couples from around the world. Our events offer theme nights, pool parties, entertainment, the possibilities are endless. We are your one stop shopping for all your couples only travel needs.

Need a get away? Let us help you find your desired destination. Discover a world of exotic escapes to all your favorite destinations. We facilitate all your individual reservations, but we also organize many 100% guaranteed couples only events year round!

We highly recommend you join at least one of our events for a truly fulfilling experience you won’t soon forget. No matter how you choose to indulge, it’ll be a memorable vacation! Five star luxury resorts, cruises, ski vacations, whatever your fancy, we deliver! We are always looking to add new and exciting top destinations that offer you stunning entertainment and endless nights. We cater to both the curious and the experienced travelers who will find adventures ranging from relaxing to heart pumping!

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